ZSYB Projection Spot Bi-Color Led Photography Light



Elevate Your Lighting Game with the   P555: A Versatile 55W Bi-Color LED Focusing Light

Introducing the Model P555, a true masterpiece in the world of lighting.

This affordable advanced 55W Bi-Color LED Focusing Light is engineered to redefine how you illuminate your creative projects. With precision, adaptability, and an array of features, it's your gateway to lighting excellence.

Key Features:

  • Bi-Color Brilliance: With a wide color temperature range from 2700K (warm) to 7000K (cool), the P555 allows you to effortlessly transition between warm and cool lighting, adapting to the mood, subject, or environment with ease.

  • Lens Adjustment: Achieve absolute precision in your lighting setup with the lens adjustment feature. Focus and disperse the light beam exactly as needed, ensuring every detail is captured with impeccable clarity.

  • Powerful 55W Output: The P555's robust 55-watt power output provides an abundance of illumination, making it perfect for challenging shooting conditions, whether you're in a dimly lit studio or shooting outdoors.

  • High CRI (Color Rendering Index): With a CRI rating of 95, this lighting powerhouse faithfully reproduces colors and details, ensuring your subjects appear vivid, true to life, and beautifully natural in your photos and videos.

  • Remote Control: The included remote control puts you in command from a distance, allowing you to adjust brightness, color temperature, and other settings with ease, streamlining your workflow.

  • Six Color Filters: Take your creativity to the next level with the included six color filters. Experiment with different lighting effects, color tones, and moods to achieve the perfect ambiance for your visuals.

Where Precision and Performance Converge:

The Model P555 Bi-Color LED Focusing Light is an essential tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Whether you're shooting portraits, product photography, or cinematic masterpieces, this versatile device empowers you to craft visuals that captivate and inspire.

Transform your lighting setup with the ZSYB P555. Order now to unlock a world of creative possibilities with precision, control, and unmatched performance.


-Stepless diming

-Color tempretature: 2700-7000K

-Power output: 55 watts 

-CRI : >95

-Brighness: 55 LM

-Power surce: AC 110-240 Volts

-Remot Control : included

- 6 Color filters 

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