Wall Mounting Kit for Holding Three Seamless Backdrops with Hooks and Chains



Key Features
  • Includes Three Varidrives, Chains, Weights
  • Includes Two Triple  Steel Wall Hooks
  • Easily Raise/Lower Background Paper
  • Color-Coded Chains

This new  Wall Mounting Kit for Paper Roll consists of three Varidrive sets with cores, chains, and weights. It also contains two triple wall hooks on which you mount the drives. The three color-coded chains allow you to locate which of your three backgrounds is secured to which core. The three included weights hold the chains straight. Once installed, it will be easy to raise and lower your optional backdrops with a minimum of effort. The cores insert into each end of the backdrop and expand to stay firmly in place. The chains are able to be placed on either the left or right side of the wall hooks depending on your working preference.

Hold 3 rolls of 9 feet x 12 yards of seamless paper
Hooks mount to your wall  or ceiling using the included mounting screws/

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