Wall Mounted Boom Arm - Wall Light Stand By Vista



The Vista Wall-Mounted Boom Arm WLS-130 is a complete bracket kit designed to support  Studio lighting, Strobes or COB-led moonlights with Softboxes or even a ring light at barbershops, reflectors. This boom arm may only be attached to a solid wall. The length of the boom arm is variable from 28 to 51"

You can swing the boom arm up and down or side to side from 0° to 180° for various angle adjustments, or fold it flat against the wall to save space when necessary. With included  2-way positioning 3/8 & 1/4  spigot you will get further flexibility

 Its supplied with 4 expansion wall screws, but you may need to use different screws off your own that will be suitable for your wall

it's a great space-saving solution in your studio or office when you are live streaming or YouTubing.


Wall-mounted boom arm for studio lighting and reflectors

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