Vista Portable Collapsible Green Screen Backdrop 57"X 79"



This Quick opening and folding green screen Backdrop is ideal for zoom meetings, gaming, self-taping headshots, interviews in the studio, or on location. The chroma green allows you to digitally cut in the background you need behind your subject and when properly lit, it gives you the freedom to superimpose the background that is perfect for your shot or interview. Made of durable polyester, the screen comes attached to an internal scissor frame that stretches the fabric tight and removes wrinkles that can create uneven light.

Pull-up Style with Auto-Locking Frame, Solid Aluminium Base for Photo Video, Live Game, Tiktok Video

  • For Products, Portraits & Headshots
  • Highly Portable with Case Included
  • Fast Open and Easy Close Scissor Frame
  • Frame Holds Material Tight, Wrinkle-Free

Green screen size when fully extended 57" X 79"   (145X200cm)


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