Vista Light Stand Heavy Duty 9.5ft



This heavy-duty Light stand SH-515 from Vista with its wide-open legs and 9.2ft  (2.80CM ) height will take any studio strobe and a modifier on it smoothly. The 2 way 3/8  and 1.4 spigot will allow more flexibility in setting your light overhead or straight.

Being an air Cushioned stand it will Protect your strobes and your head with the smooth action air cushion release.  You'll never have equipment come crashing down again. 

All metal-made joints give you durability and stability. it's strong enough to carry an 18-pound head load. Perfect for big modifiers like the 47' deep parabolic softbox.


Maximum height :  9.2ft   (2.8CM)

folded size: 39.3"  100CM

section: 3 with 2 risers 

minimum height: 40"

Column section diameter:  35mm-30mm-25mm

Footprint (leg to leg: 105CM

Legs Length: 27.55"

Top 2-way removable spigot: 1/4 - 3/8

Color: anodized  black

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