Vista Light- Video LED Panel BI-Color 1120 Leds for Photo / Video with Barn Doors for live streaming, zoom meating , Youtubers

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VISTA  Large Powerful Video Led Panel with 1120 Led beads  for Photos and Videos

 VSTA  Led light  With 1120 Leds For Photos And Videos

The Vista  1120 50W Led illuminator is developed for professionals  with adjustable Brightness power and color temperature from 3200-5600K for easy storage and transport.

The Vista Led panel has 1120 Leds in all, with a maximum power of 50W. Its color temperature can be easily adjusted from 3200k to 5600k via a dimmer button on the back of the Panel . In addition, it also has a second button that allows the adjustment of brightness intensity, which can vary from 0 to 100%.

This led panelhas a built-in barn door flap and can be powered by the bivolt DC15V-4A power supply that comes with this product, or via two NP-F batteries (not included).

Its compatibility occurs with tripods, handles and other accessories that have fitting for 1⁄4 ”thread, but this model is accompanied by an adapter for hot shoe shoe, which also has the function of articulating the illuminator and locking it in the position that is convenient to the user at the time of use.

Led illuminators are widely used in audiovisual and cinematographic productions in different market segments. Being able to be used for external productions or in studios, this Led light  is the ideal choice for professionals who demand a high level of quality in lighting with good cost-benefit and versatility.

Specifications of 50w Vista Lights  Led Iight With 1120 Leds For Photos And Videos , Live streaming, Youtubers. 

Brand:  VISTA LIGHT Video led panel

Model: LED-1120 / U-800 + 50W;

Color Temperature: 5600K / 3200k;

Total LEDs: 1120;

CRI: 96%;

Power: 50W;

Battery Voltage: 7.4V NP-F770/970 Sony L series

Material / Composition: Glass, metal and plastic;

Compatibility: with 1/4 pin or hot shoe coupling;

Approximate Measure: 17cm x 28.5cm x 5.5cm (Height x Width x Depth);

Approximate Weight: 735 grams;

Included Items: 1x 50W Led-1120 50W light , 1x Articulable Hot Shoe Adapter, 1x DC15V-4A Power Supply.

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