Vista Ezy umbrella Setup Octagon Softbox 47" / 120 Cm - Bowens Mount



This is a professional  Easy umbrella setup softbox. The opening Diameter is 120cm, inside with reflect silver, and comes with a front translucent diffuser, great for moonlight, strobe, or  COB Led Light

Quick and easy way to produce beautiful diffused light. With standard size Bowens speedring mounts, this high-quality softbox fits right in any studio.

The large size of the photo softbox makes it desirable for fashion photography, portraits, and medium to large-sized product shots, it's a must-have for location shooting.

 Vista Umbrella Setup Octagon Softbox Features:

Material: Nylon material, Aluminum shaft 
Open Diameter: 47" / 120cm 
Color: Black / Silver 
Weight: 2000g

Mount: Bowens Speedring

1 x Octabox Umbrella Softbox
1 x Umbrella rail bracket (Bowens Mount)
1 x  White front diffuser and internal 2nd  white diffuser

1 x Carrying Case

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