Vista Ceiling Or Wall Mount Light Stand



This Ceiling Or Wall Mount solid Light Stand is made of strong alloy steel, ensuring durability and long-term use. With the ability to be mounted on either walls or ceilings, this stand helps save space while providing easy and adjustable use. Perfect for studio lighting, Strobes, COB Leds or Ring Lights it features a removable 1/4" and 3/8" spigot that can be mounted horizontally or vertically for various lighting set-ups.

Tubes and collars both are made if aluminum


Max. Height 600mm 23.7"
Min. Height 370 mm 14.55"
Max. Load Capacity 6.00K.G /
Weight 850 G.
Tube Diamiter  25 mm


What's in Box:

-1 x Ceiling/Wall Light Stand
-4 x Bolts 

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