Vista 3 Caster wheels set for 22mm legs - Metal inserts



This Locking 3-Caster Set from Vista adds smooth mobility to light stands, making it simple to move lights around a set or location effortlessly without lifting them off the ground. The set of three wheels fits on most light stand legs with 22mm diameter tubes. Sturdy construction includes metal brake shoes that slip over the end of the legs and tighten with an ergonomic T-handle for a tight and secure connection. Each wheel features an easy-to-use foot-operated wheel lock to ensure the lights or camera won't move or shift, even when operating on an uneven or slanted surface. The three-inch wheels are easy to roll, even on thick carpeting.

  • Three-inch polymer wheels
  • The base whole made of durable aluminium  
  • Fits 22mm legs
  • Foot-operated wheel locks
  • Internal metal brake shoe
  • Not compatible for use with C-stands

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