VisibleDust EZ APS-C Sensor Cleaning Kit -X Extra Strength x1.6



Key Features
  • Used to Clean Digital Camera Sensor
  • Includes 5 Vswabs & 2 Cleaning Solutions
  • For Camera Sensors up to 16mm
  • Removes Water and Oil Stains
  • Streak-Free and Evaporates Fast
The EZ Sensor Cleaning Kit DUALPOWER-X Extra Strength with 5 MXD-100 Green 1.6 x Vswabs from Visible Dust contains a 1.15ml bottle of Smear Away sensor cleaning liquid, a 1.15ml bottle of VDust Plus liquid cleaner, and 5 green 1.6 x Ultra MXD-100 Vswabs. VDust Plus liquid is a multi-ingredient, iso-alcoholic solution that goes on streak-free, removes water and oil stains, and evaporates fast. The smear Away cleaning liquid is your answer to a stubborn stain on your sensor, also providing an anti-static barrier to reduce further contamination. The green Vswabs have a unique fabric folding system that is tailored to clean your sensor without leaving any streaks or pooling behind.

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