Vista SH333 Stainless Steel Chrome plated Heavy Duty Studio Light Stand 9.2ft



This Vista 333 Heavy-duty Stainless steel Chrome plated Light stand is all made of steel, not a single plastic part on it , it's made for life.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor shoots. The added ability to change 1/4" / 3/8" spigot from vertical to horizontal in seconds is perfect for tight or overhead situations.

With a built-in spring in each section, You'll never have equipment come crashing down again. 

It's sturdy and strong enough to carry a 20-pound strobe head/load but only weighs 3.5 pounds for convenient storage and travel.

Max Height: 9.2ft (2.80Mt)

Min height 3.28ft

Folded size : 3ft

Tube diameter: 35-30-25mm

Max load Capacity:


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