Vista Soft Box Lighting kit with Overhead Boom arm and Led Bulb



This overhead boom Arm Lighting kit is ideal for  Product and Food Photography.

It can be easily and fast set up, Comes with 20"X28  easy setup softbox lighting and a long-lasting 5600K Led Bulb.

The boom arm will let you tilt the lighting softbox head face down 90 degrees facing your subject either if it's Food or a product. The supplied sand bag allows you balancing the boom arm.

What's in the soft box lighting Kit:

1 X 20"*28"   easy setup softbox with bulb holder and cord

1 X white diffuser cover for the softbox

1 X Led Bulbs 150W / 5600K

1X Light Stand 7ft

1X Adjustable Boom Arm extends up to 5ft

1X Sand Bag twin pocket   ( sand not included )

Note: the food table in the Picture is not included with Soft Box Lighting kit

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