Selens 20Pcs Color Gels / Filters kit for Studio Lighting 10"x10" (25X25CM)



  • Provide 20 sheet of lighting gels with size 10x10 in/ 25x25 cm, using combinations of these filters to create amazing effects.
  • Universal Usage: CTO correction and colored gels for lights used in film, video, photo, stage, theater, party, and DJ lighting.
  • Color filters are used for lighting effects and color correction, involving additive and subtractive color, color mixing, color transmission, absorption and filtering of the different wavelengths of light.
  • Material upgrade: Made of high quality transmission material which is smooth, flat, steady color temperature and low light loss. Come with case for portable storage.
  • Note: Please don't attach the gel filters to hot modeling lamp or it will be melted

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