RGB Tube light SL-B02 by Mamen




Enhance your filming and photography projects with the Mamen SL-B02 RGB Tube Light. This versatile lighting tool offers vibrant RGB colors and 24 dynamic lighting effects, allowing you to create captivating visuals with ease.

The SL-B02 Tube Light provides powerful illumination, ensuring bright and well-lit shots for your videos and photographs. With its magnetic ends, it can be easily attached to metal surfaces, giving you flexibility in positioning and lighting setups.

You no longer need to worry about running out of power during your shoots, as the SL-B02 Tube Light comes with a long-lasting battery that provides approximately 2 hours of continuous lighting. Additionally, it can be conveniently charged using a USB-C cable

Experience professional-quality lighting at a reasonable price with the Mamen SL-B02 Tube Light. It offers exceptional performance, versatility, and brightness to take your filming and photography to the next level.


Color Temperature: 2500-9000K  (+/-200)

Brighness adjustment : 0 - 100 %

CRI: >95    TLC:  >97

Built in Battery : 2500 Mah   3.7V.

Dimensions: 280 X 40 X 42mm

Weight: 280 g.

Power: 12 Watts, Battery life approx 1.5 hours at max power at 9000K

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