Nikon MB-N14 Power Battery Pack




  • For Z6III Mirrorless Camera
  • Accepts Two EN-EL15-Series Batteries
  • Hot-Swappable Battery Slot
  • Extended Grip for Vertical Composition
  • Second Shutter Release, Dials, Fn Button
  • USB-C Port for Charging or Tethering

Ergonomically designed for vertical shooting.

Adding to the versatility of the Z6III is the MB-N14 Power Battery Pack’s vertical controls. The MB-N14 offers a series of buttons and controls including main- and sub-command dials, multi selector, Fn button and AF-ON button for vertical shooting. Thanks to its ergonomically designed grip, it offers a well-balanced feel when using long telephoto lenses. It also offers dust- and drip-resistance performance* equivalent to the Z6III camera.

Convenient battery power and charging.

The MB-N14 holds two EN-EL 15 series1 batteries and offers hot-swappable capabilities so you can keep shooting while changing the batteries. USB power charging/delivery means you can even charge the batteries inside it when not attached to the camera body.

The MB-N14 Power Battery Pack also supports both USB power charging and delivery via the EH-7P/EH-8P2 for more convenience when shooting all day, time-lapse photography or videos.3

It should take approximately 5 hours to charge two EN-EL15c or EN-EL15b batteries4 within the MB-N14 using either the EH-7P/EH-8P.

Technical Information.

Dimensions W x H x D: Approx. 138.5 × 113.5 × 76 mm (5.5 × 4.5 × 3 in.), excluding projections.

Weight: Approx. 455 g/17 oz (with two EN‑EL15c batteries); Approx. 295 g/10.5 oz (without batteries).

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