NiceFoto EZ Setup Parabolic SoftBox deep 36" (90 Cm) With Grid



The Nicefoto 36" Quick EZ Setup Parabolic Softbox from NiceFoto lives up to its name via its built-in support rods that lift and lock into place, as well as its widely-compatible Bowens S-Type speed ring. The softbox also features individual push-button support rod releases that will have you packed and on your way to the next job in seconds.

The Nicefoto EZ Setup Parabolic Softbox has a high-output reflective silver interior that maximizes your light source's output, as well as removable inner and outer diffusers that give the image-makers quality-of-light options. There are four ways to use the softbox. For the softest, flattering light, use both the inner and outer diffuser together. Want a little more snap and contrast? Try removing the inner diffuser. Still want more? Use the inner diffuser alone. Finally, remove both diffusers and use the softbox as a large reflector for high contrast and long throw work. A bonus of this form factor is the interesting, natural-looking catchlights reflected in your subjects' eyes.

The softbox is compatible with any manufacturer's fixture that uses the popular Bowens front accessory mount,

Weight: 2.2 K.G.

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