Nest Traveler Carbon Fiber Professional Camera Tripod NT6264CK

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The Nest 1.5m Carbon Fibre Tripod 4 section is one of the strongest tripods on the market**. Carbon Fiber construction means even more strength and stability with less weight.


  • NEST travel series carbon fiber has an amazing breaking point of 134.1kg. 8 layers of 100% carbon fiber are arranged in a quasi-isotropic configuration for incredible strength and lightness. **Other brands of carbon fiber tubes have a breaking point of 84.4kg.
  • Using forging technology, the Nest NT6264CK Tripods have been able to achieve significant strength that is not prone to breakage in the same way inferior Tripods that use casting technology. This allows Nest to build products with exceptional strength and durability, that are surprisingly light.
  • Superior finish, Converts to a Monopod in a minute.
  • The latest CNC Machining technology makes this Nest NT6264CK tripod more precise - and smoother operating
  • Adjustable leg angles (22º and 75º) allow low shooting and shooting on uneven ground
  • The reverse folding design protects the tripod head and makes the tripod more compact

Triple Action Head:

  • incorporates ball resistance control / ball lock / panorama lock control
  • incorporates 2-movement safety - virtually impossible for the camera to accidentally fall off
  • flush mounted spirit levels


  • Max height: 1500mm
  • Min height: 265mm
  • Monopod Height: 1570mm
  • Folded Height: 415mm
  • Weight: 1680g
  • Maximum Load: 15kg

 Carbon Fiber Camera Tripod

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