Nest NT-550 Travel lightweight Tripod with Carying Case




This tripod from Nest is quick to set up and adjust, the NT-550 is for Photo and Video Hybrid Tripod with a 3-way pan head is an ultra-lightweight tripod you can easily carry with you. It supports up to 7 lb and has a quick release plate for rapidly mounting and unmounting the camera from the tripod. 
Also can be used for smartphones by adding an optional smartphone mount (mount sold separately)
  • 3-way Pan head
  • Quick flip legs lock
  • Max height 1.5 Mt
  • Load Capacity 3.5K.G
  • Net weight: 950g
  • Folded height: 495C.M.
  • Weight hook at the bottom of the center column
  • Fixed rubber feet
  • Carrying Case

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