Marumi 40.5mm MC protecting filter




  • FIT + SLIM Series MC Lens Protect Filter.
  • The Protector Filter is developed to protect the lens surface from dirt and dust as well as scratches. It is an ideal filter for regular use as it is completely colourless leaving no affect in colour reproduction of images.
  • Filters are lightweight and approx. 11g in weight.
  • AR multi-coating - multilayer coating reduces filter surface reflections.
  • Low Profile Filter Rim prevents vignetting with wide-angle focal length lenses.
  • Satin Finish – matte coating minimizes reflection.
  • Easy-Grip Filter Edge - non-slip mounting and removal of filter.
  • Packaging is made from eco-friendly lead free materials.
  • Lens hood and cap attachable – lens cap and hood can be attached.
  • Made In Japan

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