Manfrotto 200PL Quick Release Plate with 1/4" - 3.8" Bushing Adapter



  • Ideal for quickly attaching all compatible Manfrotto products equipped with RC2/Q2 attachment to the camera
  • The compact dimensions and the lightweight aluminum construction allow to stay always attached under the camera without adding weight and dimension
  • The grip rubber maintains the camera safely attached providing maximum precision when moving and setting the camera
  • The 200pl plate is easily attached under the camera by rotating a special flip with the fingers without requiring additional tools
  • The large dimension of the finger clip provide maximum strength and safety
  • The 200pl is a versatile interface attachable to any camera thanks to the provided 3/8” adapter which allows to change the screw thread depending on the specific camera model
  • The additional provided VHS anti-rotation pin can be used with camcorders to maintain maximum stability when shooting.

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