Mamen Multifunctional Battery Pack / Power Bank NP-F990T for Sony L Type



Multifunctional Battery Pack Power Bank NP-F990T Replacement for Sony NP-F970, NP-F975, NP-F960, NP-F950, NP-F930, NP-F770, NPF550  with USB Output for Smart Phone, Led light etc.. and USB-C input for charging the battery itself.

About  NP-F990T battery:

  • Not only a replacement battery for Sony NP-F990T, NP-F980, NP-F970 NP-F960 NP-F975 NP-F950 NP-F930 NP-F330 NP-F550 NP-F570 NP-F750 NP-F770, but also can be a power bank for mobile phone,flashlight or other Electronic Equipment. Provides extra power for your digital video camera/camcorder, LED video light or monitor.
  • Charging Option: With type-C USB wall charger, car charger, or power bank.
  • 7800mAh high-quality rechargeable lithium ion battery with premium cells for longer battery life with no memory effect; 2 replacement batteries provide enough power for your digital camera. No more afraid with no battery no shoots.
  • 4 LED indicator lights shows battery level,you can check the remaining capacity, shutter count and recharge performance on the cameras power source info screen. Enjoy shooting and replace the battery in time.
  • Compatible with All Video led lights and Monitores that are uses Sony NP-F L type batteries Beside the following Sony DCR-VX2100, DSR-PD150, DSR-PD170, FDR-AX1, HDR-AX2000, HDR-FX1, HDR-FX7, HDR-FX1000, HVL-LBPB, HVR-HD1000U, HVR-V1U, HVR-Z1P, HVR-Z1U, HXR-MC2000U, MVC-FDR1, NEX-EA50UH, NEX-FS100U, NEX-FS700U Handy cam Camcorder.

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