KingMa BM-F980D Sony NP-F Battery Series Adapter Plate




The KingMa Battery Adapter Plate allow you to use the Sony type NP-F series batteries to power up your camera using KingMa's or any compatible Dummy Battery , providing an alternative high capacity power supply option, with the thought of helping photographers and videographers to prolong their shooting time.

Not only it prolongs your shooting time, the KingMa Battery Adapter Plate also act as a charger which allows you to charger your NP-F series battery without having the need to take out the battery. Worrying about mounting? Fret not, this Battery Adapter Plate comes with a standard 1/4" D-Ring screw and also a Cold Shoe with 1/4" screw mount, making sure that mounting will be simple to your Cage or your camera hot shoe. 

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