Instabox Fast Setup Soft Box 24"X36" / 60X90CM (Flip Folding System)



Introducing Instabox by Vista: Your Ultimate 24"X90" Softbox

FASTEST, EASIEST SETUP EVER: Just fan out the rods, and snap the speedring mount together. That's it. With Instabox by Vista, we've redefined convenience. Setting up your softbox has never been this effortless. In a matter of seconds, you can go from unpacking to capturing the perfect shot.

HUGE SPACE SAVINGS: We understand the importance of efficient storage and portability. The Instabox 24x36" Softbox is designed with space-saving in mind. When folded, it takes up minimal room, making it the ideal choice for photographers and videographers constantly on the move. Maximize your creative potential without compromising on convenience.

Effortless Setup and Portability: Our innovative design allows for quick and easy setup, making it a breeze to achieve professional lighting results, even on the go. No more time-consuming assembly – just unfold, attach to your Bowens mount, and you're ready to create magic.

Versatile Sizing: Available in various sizes, the Instabox by Vista 36" Octabox Softbox offers the perfect balance between portability and light diffusion. Its generous 35-inch diameter provides ample coverage while remaining highly manageable in different shooting environments.

Dual Front Diffusers: Take control of your lighting with the included dual front diffusers. These removable diffusers ensure that your light is soft and evenly distributed, reducing harsh shadows and creating stunning, natural-looking results. Whether you're shooting portraits, still life, or video, the Instabox's diffusers have you covered.

Precision Control with Grid Honeycomb: The Instabox 36" Octabox includes a grid honeycomb to refine your lighting further. This accessory narrows and directs the light beam precisely where you want it, offering exceptional control over spill and creating a focused, dramatic effect when needed.

Bowens Mount Compatibility: Designed with a Bowens mount, this softbox is compatible with a wide range of lighting equipment, ensuring seamless integration into your existing setup.

Upgrade your creative arsenal with the Instabox by Vista 36" Octabox Softbox. Whether you're a professional photographer, filmmaker, or content creator, this versatile softbox empowers you to achieve stunning results with ease.

Experience the difference today and illuminate your vision like never before with Instabox by Vista.


Softbox Dimensions Open 24x36" (60x90 cm)
Softbox Depth 17"
Softbox Dimensions Folded (with Bowens Speedring) 31x7x3"
Softbox Weight (with Bowens speedring and both diffusers) 2.2 lbs
Package Size 32x8x3.5"
Package Weight 3.5 lbs


-1 x Strobepro Rapid Snap Softbox (24x36" Medium)
-1 x Speedring (selected from the dropdown)
-1 x Inner Diffuser
-1 x Outer Diffuser
-1 x Carrying Bag

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