Sand Bag For Photography Studio lighting, Boom Arms , Backdrop Stands Tripods - Yellow /Black



Sand Bag For Photography

  • Saddlebag design for easy use. Holds up to 20b lbs of sand.
  • The sandbags are made of heavy-duty construction. And they are durable for adding weight comes with a hook.
  • Dual interior compartments with double zippers for each compartment.Can be filled with anything; sand, gravel, even nuts, and bolts.
  • With high visibility black and Yellow colors design, it distinguishes these sandbags from other normal sandbags.
  • Used to stabilize truss totems, bases, tripod stands, and/or lighting equipment.Note: the sandbags are empty. The tripod is not included.
  • Sand Bag For Photography lighting 

Note: Sand is not included

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