Godox UB-L2 75 Translucent Umbrella 195 cm 16 Ribs



 This Godox UB-L2 75 Translucent Umbrella IS A large  75" /195.50 cm is an essential tool for studio photographers and filmmakers. Its translucent fabric projects light equally, creating a soft and balanced illumination across your subject. The professional toughened 16 fiberglass ribs structure is designed for years of reliable use.

With it's large 75" in diameter and can evenly produce light over a wide area. Using this umbrella will perfect your lighting setup, creating crisp and natural images.

The Godox UB-L2 75 Translucent Umbrella combines a soft, even illumination it's ideal for portraits, large product, New born, Group Photography and videography.

Size 75" / 195.50 cm
Interior Color White (Translucent)
Exterior White
Shaft Diameter 8 mm
Rods 16
Material of Construction Fiberglass, Nylon, Steel
Folded Size L: 43.5" / L: 110 cm
Weight 2.4 lb / 1.09 kg
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