Godox Soft Tent Pannel Diffuser kit with 3 adapters




Designed for illuminating objects and people, this Soft Tent Pannel difusser from Godox provides you with a diffuse and even light. It expands the light's beam spread and lets you quickly take advantage of variable lighting effects.
With the Supplied 3 adaptores ML-CD1625 kit can be attached to any rectangular speedlight like V860/TT685 or Canon EX600RT,  AD200Pro, the 2nd adapter will allow you mounting the MLCS1625 to your round head flashes such as V1, AD100Pro or H200R. while the third adpter will let you mount the ML-CS1625 to any Godox mount strobes or Led lights such as AD300Pro, AD400pro, ML60/60Bi, ML30/30Bi Dainty leds.

Whats in the box:

1 x ML-CS1625 Pannel diffuser tent

1x Rectangular adapter

1 x Round head adapter

1 x Godox mount adapter

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