Godox SL150III (V3)160W LED Video Light Bowens Mount



The new Godox SL150III (V3) is the latest 3rd generation LED Video Light features 160 watts of color-accurate, day-light, with 8 FX special effects that can be conveniently controlled through the Godox Light App via Bluetooth. Its high output illumination offers superior lighting while remaining energy-efficient. With its portability, user-friendly controls, and top-tier lighting quality, this video light is suitable for a variety of professional applications.

Godox SL III LED Video Light Features

  • Impressive Output: The SL150III outputs 73,600 Lux at 3.3'
  • High Color Fidelity: With high CRI/TLCI ratings of 96/97, the SL150III reproduces colors faithfully and accurately
  • Silent Fan: The fan is very quiet when in use, but you can turn it off in sound-sensitive situations
  • Built-In FX Effects: With 8 built-in cinematic effects, the SL150III brings simulated lighting scenarios to your set, including flash 1, 2, and 3, broken bulb, storm 1, 2,and 3, and television
  • Control Options: In addition to intuitive local operation and an optional RC-R9 remote, the SL150III can also be controlled from your phone with the Godox Light App which enables wireless adjustments
  • Rotatable U-shaped Yoke: The 360 Degree rotatable, U-shaped yoke offers easy tilting to compensate for modifiers in use or subjects that are close to the light
  • Wide Compatibility: The Bowens front accessory mount makes it compatible with Godox modifiers or those that are made by the many manufacturers that use this popular mount

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