Godox Rolling / Throlly larg Bag Carrying Backpack



This Godox Carrying Bag for all Flash Systems is designed specialy to transport and store the AD1200 Pro Battery Powered Flash System set. The case can contain one AD1200 Pro flash head, one battery-powered base, and the related accessories. This large rolling Bag also can be used for transporting / storing any multiple Camera gears , Lenses or other lighting equipments such as 2 X  AD600Pros plus triggeres. a 15' Laptop

It features a folding handle and casters for easy transport, plus two exterior zippered pockets, and a pair of exterior straps for attaching a light stand or tripod.

Compact Design for Travel:
The compact 21.7 x 14.6 x 11.8" dimensions may be suitable for packing in some airplane overhead storage bins, checking the individual airline's carry-on terms is recommended.

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