Godox Replacement Flash Tube / Bulb for QS400II Series Strobe



The Godox Replacement Flashtube FT-QS400II is a high-quality replacement flash tube designed for the Godox QS400ii strobes, providing a maximum output of 400 Ws with a precise color temperature of 5600K (+-200K). Keep your strobe performing at its best with this reliable and efficient replacement.

This Godox Flash tube is also compatible for following  Godox strobe models: 

Godox DS-200/ DS300 / DS300II / DS400II / GS200 / GS200II / GS300 / GS300II / GS400II / QS300 / QS300II / QS400 / QS400II / DE 200 / DE300 / DE300II / DE400 / DE 400II / DP300 / DP300II / DP400II / DP400

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