Godox BD-07 BarnDoor with Detachable Honeycomb Grid and 4 Color Filters for Godox AD200 /AD200Pro Flash Head



Godox BD-07 BarnDoor for AD200
  • Barn Door Set
  • Four Colour Gels: Green, Yellow, Red, Blue
  • Honeycomb Grid to control light
  • For Godox AD200 Pocket Flash
  • While using the Godox AD200 Pocket Flash with the Godox BD-07 BarnDoor Kit, you can achieve better light effects and shooting experience.
  • Compatible with Godox Witstro AD200 Pocket Flash Speedlite
  • Produces smooth and natural transition and contrast lighting and shading effects
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS:1* Barn door,4* Color filters,1* Honeycomb grid

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