Godox Parabolic Softbox AD-S85 S (33.5") for AD300Pro, AD400Pro, ML60/ML30



The AD-S85S  with its Silver interior is an easy setup Parabolic Softbox that uses Godox's proprietary compact mount (found as native mount on the AD300 Pro AD400 Pro, ML60, ML30 ). Unlike most softboxes that need timely effort to set up the rod arms manually, the Godox  AD-S85S uses an umbrella mechanism so it can be quickly set up and deployed or taken down in seconds.

This softbox comes with a standard white deflector disc and a reflective gold disc to warm your light or provide CTO correction (the reverse side is silver).

A front  Grid - honeycomb is included, that controls spill light and adds directionality to the light source.

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