Godox DPU-165T Diffuser only for Godox UB-165 65" / 165CM Parabolic Umbrella



Godox DPU-165T White Diffuser for UB-165 Large Parabolic Umbrella 


With Godox DPU-165T You can easily convert the  65" Parabolic umbrella into a softbox. This Godox Diffuser is made for Godox UB-165W / UB-165S  65" Parabolic Umbrellas.

Godox makes installation a snap. Just slip the elastic-edged diffuser over the open end of the umbrella, eliminate spill light with a drawstring around the flash head, and you're done. The diffuser reduces light slightly, but that's a small price to pay for a soft, enhancing quality of light with moderate contrast and a warm, wraparound look.

Godox DPU-165T Specs

Size 65.0" / 165.0 cm
Light Loss Not Specified by Manufacturer
Packaging Info
Package Weight 0.415 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 10.6 x 9.55 x 2.75"

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