Canon CA-110 Camcorders Power Adapter / Charger By Kingma




  • Compact Power Adapter compatible with Canon CA110 by Kingma
  • This compact power adapter allows you to plug your camcorder directly into a standard wall outlet, so you can charge a battery or provide continuous power for extra long recording.
  • Compatibility:
  • VIXIA mini HD Camcorder
  • VIXIA HF M50 HD Camcorder
  • VIXIA HF M52
  • VIXIA HF R20 HD Camcorder
  • VIXIA HF R21
  • VIXIA HF R32
  • VIXIA HF R30
  • VIXIA HF R40
  • VIXIA HF R42
  • VIXIA HF R50
  • VIXIA HF R52
  • VIXIA HF R80
  • VIXIA HF R82
  • VIXIA HF R300
  • VIXIA HF R400
  • VIXIA HF R500
  • VIXIA HF R800

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