Vista 3 Point Softbox Lighting Kit 3 Led Bulbs with Boom Arm and Case



3 Point Softbox Lighting Kit Led Bulbs with Boom Arm and Case


  • The all-new LED Bulb Continuous light provides a serious bang for your buck.  150W (500-watt equivalent) daylight-balanced LED's kick out some serious juice. The included 24*28" softboxes add amazing soft diffused light, perfect for photo or video.


Perfectly suited for photo or video in any situation. Great for Youtube videos, interviews, green-screen or continuous light for portrait, newborn, and product photos. Balanced at 5500K, the light simulates beautiful daylight. 

Useful for lighting almost any subject, the 3-Point Led Softbox Lighting Kit with Boom Arm and sandbag consists of a 20 x 28" softbox, and a 7' light stand. An added feature is the provided 4.5' boom with a sandbag that can be used overhead as a hair light or background light. The Led bulbs have a color temperature of 5700K that's ideal for outdoor shooting, for locations with large windows, or to seamlessly blend with light.

What's Included in 3 Point Softbox Lighting

  • 3   24 * 28"  Softbox with single bulb holder and cable
  • 3  white defusing panels for the softbox
  • 3  high illuminating and long-lasting  Led bulbs 
  • 3 Light Stands: 7'
  • 1 Boom Arm with Sand Bag: 4.5'
  • 1  Case for the 2 front softbox
NOTE: The Backdrop and Backdrop stand are not included

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