Vista Photo Studio Box Large 20*20" Product Shooting Light Tent With 2 Strip Dimable leds, Foldable with 5 Backdrops



Key Features
  • Self-Contained Tabletop Studio
  • Easy setup and foldable with ease of handheld carrying.
  • Led light intensity adjusting control dial     
  • Interior LED Lighting
  • Daylight Balance: 5600K
  • Reflective Interior
  • White diffuser to cover the led light
  • 5 colors of PVC smooth Backgrounds are included (White, Gray, Black, Red, and Green backgrounds).
  • Shoot-Through Front Panel and Top Hatch

The Vista 20" x 20" LED Studio-In-a-Box from Vista is a self-contained setup for photographing small to medium objects. The Studio unfolds into a square light tent with its own Diamable 5600K daylight LED light source that envelopes the subject, thanks to the reflective interior. The Studio-in-a-Box has a fold-away front panel with a built-in shooting hatch and also a top hatch for a variety of camera angles. It comes with white, gray, black,  Green Red backgrounds to accommodate different-colored subjects.

The supplied white diffuser makes the led lights softer on your products.

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